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Life Buoy

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Sunrise Marine Equipment Company Limited

  • China
  • Busineess Type:Trading Company
  • Main Products:Ship Building Marine Anchor, Marine Casting Anchor, Ship Buiding Marine Fabricated Anchor
  • Main Market:Global
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Product Details:

  • Standard:Ec CCS

  • Type:Life Buoy


Handing Explosion-proof Light
Fire Axe
Fireproof Lifeline
Copper Bell & Gong
Fix Extinguisher
Fire Hose Box
Fire Bucket
Self-contained Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus
Air Compressed Emergency Escape Breathing Device
Marine Life Jacket
Life Jacket For Child
Working Lift Jacket
Water Sport Llife Jacket
Insulated Immersion And Thermal Protective Suit
Life Buoy
Life Jacket Light
Life Buoy Light
Lifebuoy Self-lgniting Light And Self-activating Smock Signals
Signal Ball
International Signal Flag
Search Lights

Chain Swivel G401 402 403

Shackle G/A209 G/A210 G/A213 G/A215 G/A2130 G/A2150
Trawling Shackle
Trawling Shackle With Round Head Screw Pin
Trawling Shackle With Square Head Screw Pin
EU Type Large Dee Shackle Same Size Diameter Pin Body
EU Type Large Bow Shackle Same Size Diameter Pin Body
Shackle DIN82101

Weldless Ring S-643
Weldless Sling Link G-341
Weldless Alloy Master Link A-342
Weldless End Link G-340
Alloy Connecting Link A-336
Alloy Connecting Link A-337
Master Link Assembly A-345
Pear Shape Replacement Link G-334
Pear Shape Replacement Link G-335
Double Clevis Link S-247
Twin Clevis Link S-249
Spin Link

Turnbuckle Hook & Hook
Turnbuckle Hook & Eye
Turnbuckle Eye & Eye
Turnbuckle Jaw & Eye
Turnbuckle Jaw & Jaw
Stub End Turnbuckle
Lashing Turnbuckles

Standard Wire Rope Thimbles
Extra Heavy Wire Rope Thimbles
Ordinary Thimbles For Steel Wire Rope
DIN 6899 Wire Rope Thimbles
DIN 3091 Heavy Malleable Cast Ring

U. S. Type Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips
U. S. Type Galv Malleable Wire Rope Clips
ASTM Galv Malleable Wire Rope Clips
Australia Galv Malleable Wire Rope Clips
DIN 741 Galv Malleable Wire Rope Clips
DIN 1142 Galv Malleable Wire Rope Clips
B. S. 462 Galv Malleable Wire Rope Clips
Galv Iron Cast Wire Rope Clips
Galv Malleable Wire Rope Clips Type A
Galv Malleable Wire Rope Clips Type B
Clips G-429

Screw Eye Bolts G-275
Shoulder Nut Eye Bolts G-277
Regular Nut Eye Bolts G-291
Eye Nut G-400
Lifting Eye S-405
Pad Eye S-264
Shoulder Rivet Eye Bolts S-276
Shoulder Type Machinery Eye Bolts S-279
Blank Rod Ends S-295

Standard Lever Type Load Binder
Binder With Links Only
Standard Ratchet Type Load Binder
Binder Less Links And Hooks
Releasing Load Binder
Walking Load Binder
Snubbing Load Binder
Midget Load Binder

Clevis Grab Hooks H-330
Clevis Slip Hooks H-330
Eye Grab Hooks H-323
Eye Slip Hooks H-324
Sliding Choker Hook A-350
Eye Sling Hook A-327
Eye Grab Hooks A-328
Eye Foundry Hook A-329
Clevis Grab Hooks A-338
Clevis Sling Hook A-339
Pedro Or Sling Hook A-3311
Snap Hook G-3315
Round Reverse Eye 1210
Eye Hook S-316A
Replacement Hook S-3316
Shank Hook
Swivel Hook
Eye Hook

Roller Shackle
Lashing Block
SS Block
Snatch Block
Light Type Champion Snatch Block
Red Snatch Block
Regular Wood Block
Swivel Eye Block
Wooden Shell Snatch Block
Orange Snatch Block

Proof Coil Chain ASTM 80 G30
High Test Chain ASTM 80 G43
Transport Chain ASTM 80 G70
Proof Coil Chain NACM84/90 G30
High Test Chain NACM84/90 G43
Transport Chain NACM84/90 G70
Proof Coil Chain NACM96 G30
High Test Chain NACM96 G43
Transport Chain NACM96 G70
DIN763 Link Chain
DIN764 Link Chain
DIN766 Link Chain
DIN763 Stainless Steel Link Chain
DIN766 Stainless Steel Link Chain
JIS F-2106 Long Link Chain
JIS F-2106 Short Link Chain
Hatch Cover Chain

Contact Person:

  • Mr. Zheng Zhaowei
  • Job Title: Manager
Contact Supplier
Mobile Phone:+8613913823838
Street:188 Changjiang Road, Suite 17A, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Company details:

  • Company Name: Sunrise Marine Equipment Company Limited
  • Location of Registration: China Jiangsu Nanjing
  • Oprational Address: 188 Changjiang Road, Suite 17A, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
  • Company Phone: 86-25-86931491
  • Company Fax: 86-25-86931490

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